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Child with an Open Wound – Pediatric and Urgent Care in Encino, CA

You are at the playground with your child. She is running around and having fun. Suddenly, you hear crying and see that she has cut her arm on a sharp edge of the playground equipment. Your child has an open wound and it is bleeding. If you need Pediatric and Urgent Care in Encino, MVP Pediatric and Urgent care can help you.

First things first, stop any bleeding by firmly pressing gauze or a clean piece of cloth against your child’s wound. Ideally, you should wash your hands and/or wear gloves before doing this. If the wound continues to bleed after a few minutes, keep the body part with the wound elevated for a few more minutes while continuing to apply firm pressure with a cloth. Now, open wounds are often not cause to go to the doctor. However, if your child develops an infection, you should take them in to Pediatric and Urgent Care. If your child experiences increased pain, redness, swelling, warmth at the wound site, or if there is discharge coming out of the wound, schedule an appointment because these are signs of an infection.

If it does not stop bleeding within 5 minutes, is wide or deep, has glass or an object in it, or if it is spurting blood, have your child seen immediately. Your child may need stitches. Also, have your child seen immediately if he or she was cut on rusty metal or was bitten by an animal. A tetanus shot may be necessary.

So, while your child getting an open wound might be scary for you both, it is usually something that can be dealt with by a little home care. When in doubt, you can always bring your child in for a look by one of our pediatricians here at MVP Pediatric and Urgent Care in Encino, Los Angeles, CA.