Kids and technology

Technology In Kids Life

Technology is a big part of our lives and has been for quite some time now. For our parents, it was all about how much TV and video games to allow us. These days, there are new forms of technology, like smartphones and tablets, that make screen time more available than ever before.

Screen time often gets a bad rap, but there are of course benefits to it as well. It’s important to make sure that our kids’ screen time is beneficial. Sure they’ll play some “mindless” games once in a while and that’s ok (Candy Crush, anyone?) but it’s important to know how to use technology to help your child as well!

Educational TV and Apps

Of course, technology can be a great educational resource. Just look at all the Smart Boards in school these days, making learning more fun and interactive for students. At home, look up and download some educational apps on your tablet or phone for your child.

A child as young as 2 or 3 (if you choose to allow some screen time at those ages) can benefit from apps that teach simple science or math concepts in a fun, natural way. Once they reach school age, there are many apps that teach letter identification, addition and subtraction, and other concepts your child is learning at school.

Benefits of technology

As discussed above, educational apps and TV can be beneficial for kids and make them enjoy learning and practicing new concepts. Technology in the classroom can help children and teens become more engaged. Beyond video games, tablets/phones, and TV, kids can learn a lot from technology.

Learning to code, for example, is like learning a new language. The technology a teen learns and practices at school will help them be better prepared for a workforce that requires the knowledge and use of many different programs and applications. Technology also can also help with creativity building. Older kids can learn to draw computer graphics or even animation.

Technology time limits

Screen time, even educational screen time needs limits. There is just no replacing good old playtime, whether it’s playing with toys or active play time. The AAP recommends no screen time for children under 18 months. From 18-24 months, they recommend only supervised, educational technology time.

For kids ages 2-5 years old, on hour a day is the recommended screen time limit. After the age of 6, it’s recommended to place consistent limits on your child’s screen time, while also prioritizing unstructured playtime, setting screen-free times, and keeping screens out of your child’s bedroom.

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