Antibiotic usage.

Antibiotic Usage Webinar


Antibiotic Usage

Antibiotics are commonly used to treat bacterial infections.  However, they have no effect against viral infections. If your child is diagnosed with a viral infection by your pediatrician or local pediatric urgent care, do not expect a prescription for antibiotics. Aside from having no effect on viral infections, overuse and misuse of antibiotics can have adverse effects. One of the most concerning adverse effects of antibiotic overuse or misuse is creating antibiotic resistant bacteria.  Frequent use of antibiotics can select out bacteria that are no longer susceptible to certain antibiotics. Antibiotic resistance is one of the world’s most pressing health problems. The inherent problem is that when you really do need the antibiotics, they won’t work because the bacterial have built up resistance to them.  Bacteria that have significant resistance to antibiotics are known to cause serious illnesses and, even, death. So, be aware of antibiotic overuse and misuse because lives depend upon it.