COVID-19 Resiliency and Wellness Resources

Compiled by a Wellness Team at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles

Per the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), reactions during difficult times can be variable and may include:

  • Concern and fear over your health and your loved ones
  • Changes in sleep and eating
  • Difficulty concentrating on tasks
  • Difficulty coping with chronic health problems
  • Increased use of alcohol, drugs and/or tobacco

It is normal to feel some degree of anxiety due to feelings of uncertainty. However, if your worry falls into the category of not sleeping, not eating, or excessive stress, please reach out to a professional. 

If you are overwhelmed with feelings, it is extremely important that you take care of yourself. We have the following recommendations for you that can help manage your emotions:

  • Take time to experience and process what is happening.
  • It is helpful to prioritize what needs to get done. Create a to-do list to ease cognitive overload.
  • Reach out for support. Craving connection and unity is natural during times of stress. Social distancing does not mean social isolation. Reach out to family, friends and colleagues. Leverage technology such as Facetime, Skype or WebEx for those who you cannot interact with directly face-to-face.
  • Ask yourself, “What advice would you give to a friend?” Then, adhere to it.
  • Do something that helps you keep your sense of normalcy
    • PHYSICAL ACTIVITY: Plenty of resources are available online and on YouTube for fitness-related activity in times of social distancing. Please reference the resource links below for some examples.
    • CREATIVITY: Tap into art, writing or reading while at home. At work, try and take a creative lunch break if this is what brings you joy.
    • NUTRITION AND SLEEP: Make sure you are drinking plenty of water, eating healthy meals, avoiding too much alcohol and other mind-altering substances and optimizing rest and sleep. Good nutrition and sleep improves mental functioning and supports the immune system, which can impact perception and improve healthy emotional responses.

Please refer to the following links for further resources to support you in this time: 


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