Embarrassing Parenting Moments

Parenting: Embarrassing Moments

We’ve all been there. You’re at the doctor’s office, in the crowded but quiet waiting room, when your child loudly blurts out a not-so-nice word they’ve heard on TV (or from you!) Or, you’re at the supermarket when your child asks you for some candy and you say no. Cute full meltdown mode.

In those moments, you can just feel the stares and judgment. But this isn’t a blog to tell you what to do in those situations. Today we’re just acknowledging that those feelings are totally normal! And that, often, people are more understanding than you think, because most of them have been there at some point or another!

Embarrassing kids

You love your child. They’re your sweet angel, until they’re not. Kids have a knack for embarrassing their parents, whether it’s an awkward observation made about a stranger’s appearance or bad language or tantrums at the most inopportune times.

Every parent has experienced embarrassment!

It’s easy to look at other families and think they’ve got it all figured out. Nope. Trust us, every parent has to go through their child embarrassing them at one point or another! It’s like a rite of passage!

Remain calm

Remembering that every parent has embarrassing stories they can share about their kid…“they’ve all been through this before” can help you deal with the situation in a more calm and collected manner. After all, if you’re nervous about what others are thinking, it’ll show through in your actions, and your child might feed off of them and act out more!


We’ve all also probably been on the opposite side of things. We’ve seen kids acting out and say to ourselves “My child would never do that!!” (These thoughts are most likely to occur before we have kids!) But once you’ve been through it, you get it. Your child misbehaving does NOT mean you are an ineffective parent! Take those feelings and make sure you turn them into a sense of understanding to other parents! Next time you see a child loudly shouting “No!!” as their mom or dad is trying to calmly parent, give a reassuring smile in the parent’s direction

So remember, we’ve ALL gone through it. Even the moms and dads that look like they have it all together! And, one day the day will come where YOU will be the embarrassment and can pay them back!

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