How to get your child to be more active

Children are naturally active creatures, but sometimes it can be difficult for parents to motivate them into doing physical activity. However, instilling healthy active habits on children from an early age is highly beneficial. Here we will show you why it is important for your child to do physical activity and what you can do to encourage them to be active.

Benefits of raising active children

Teaching your child active lifestyle habits is incredibly beneficial. Early physical activity in children can help your child:

×          develop strong muscles and bones

×          maintain a healthy body weight

×          maintain a healthy heart

×          improve their sleep —which leads to better school performance and better mood.

However, although the benefits of our children being physically active are plenty, they are not only physical. Children who learn to be active and want to keep moving develop personal traits that will help them lead a healthier and happier life. Through movement, children explore the world around them and learn to make choices. This interaction with the surrounding environment can help your child develop confidence, drive, critical thinking, social interaction, and, of course, a healthy and positive mindset.


How to motivate your child to be active

Most children are naturally active, so inspiring them to do physical activity should not be a challenge. However, as there are some other children who are not innately active, an extra dose of encouragement might be needed. Either way, the most important thing you should do in both cases is to create a positive, stress-free environment where your child feels encouraged to explore their likes and their own way of moving. It is important that you don’t force your child into something they don’t want to do, since this can easily discourage them and turn them away from physical activity.


Some activities ideas

The physical activity your child chooses to do is usually based on their personality. So, if your child likes playing sports and socializing, you can sign them up for classes at the local sports centre. If your child is high energy, encourage them to run. If, however, your child struggles a bit with the idea of doing physical activity, find a way around it. Your child may not like physical activity, but they sure love some family time. So, if circumstances allow it, you can organize a family bike ride. If not, turn household chores into a movement game that gets everybody moving.


Physical activity is extremely beneficial for children, and it is important that we, as parents, encourage them to pick up healthy active habits from an early age. The sooner we positively encourage them to do so, the better chances of them becoming healthy active adults.