Best exercise equipment for kids

It is undeniable that there has been a major shift in our way of living. Parents have been struggling to maintain a healthy balance between their work, the daily household chores, and their children’s daily activities. Keeping children entertained, motivated, and active may have been easier at first, but the truth is that it’s getting harder day by day. While at home, some children may prefer to spend their day watching TV or playing video games. As staying indoors can promote laziness and unhealthy habits, it is essential that parents promote fitness and encourage their children to do indoor physical activity. Although children are incredibly energetic, the idea of doing physical exercise may not sound as appealing to them. But, on top of its many benefits –healthy growth, good thinking skills, good sleeping habits, and stress relief– doing exercise can be fun and this is what you should show your children. That is why we’re going to show you some indoor exercise ideas to get your child moving while having fun.


Exercise Equipment for Children

There are plenty of exercise equipment products that are specifically designed for children. Unlike dark-colored gym equipment for adults, exercise equipment for children comes in all types of vibrant colors that captivate your child’s attention and make them want to use the equipment as if it were toys. They are also designed to promote different physical benefits. There are some that are great for cardio and teach balance and coordination. You can also buy a treadmill or a stationary bicycle for adolescents, which can maintain flexibility and your children’s range of motion. Children love jumping around and doing all kinds of activities, but remember to select age-appropriate and safe equipment. If you have any questions about a particular piece of equipment and if it is safe for a particular child’s age, feel free to reach out to your pediatrician for advice.

A Simpler Option

Since exercise equipment for children can be a costly option, another great and simple idea is to just use what you have at home. For instance, you can use some tape to create jumping lines on the floor of your living room. You can set each tape line further apart to challenge your child to jump further and further with each line. If you want to make the game more interesting, you can add obstacles, like toys, balls, or anything you can find at home that is safe for your child to play with. Also, children are extremely creative and imaginative, so don’t be surprised if they come up with ideas of their own. If they do, there’s no question they’re having fun!

No Equipment? Don’t worry


If you don’t have exercise equipment or enough room to create a tape track, you can play Simon Says, but, in this fitness version, instead of instructing your children to touch their heads, you can instruct them to jump the rope for 10 seconds, hop like a frog around the living room, or bend down and touch their toes 10 times. This is a great way to disguise physical exercise as the games they love. Turn on the music to double the fun! Finally, going for a walk or a hike with the family can be a nice experience for a child, especially if there are interesting things to look at.


These are just a few ideas to get your children to do physical exercise while at home. Children have boundless energy and love to get their bodies moving, so encouraging our little ones to do physical activity should in no way be considered an impossible task.

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