Letter to Pediatricians

Dear Colleagues:

MVP Pediatric and Urgent Care, is staffed with board certified pediatricians committed to delivering the highest quality of care to infants, children, and young adults of the San Fernando Valley and Los Angeles County.  To this end, we have enlisted a specialized staff of pediatric providers (pediatricians, pediatric nurse practitioners, and nurses) to do just that.  We also recognize that achieving this goal means maintaining the partnership and collaboration with pediatric practices and hospitals in the community; as a result,  providing treatment that compliments the services which are already available to our patients.

Our facility is open throughout the day and into the late evening for the management of non-life threatening conditions which cannot be managed in a busy office setting and do not warrant an emergency department visit by providing services such as IV fluids, x-rays, suturing, special labs, and prolonged observation/management.  However, we do not offer routine examinations or vaccinations, as these services can be readily handled by pediatricians in the surrounding area.

We are here to partner with you, the general pediatrician, and encourage parents to contact their primary care provider, pediatrician, before coming to see us.  Nevertheless, we frequently encounter patients who do not have a primary care pediatrician, either because they are new to the area or are transitioning care from another provider.  We aim to act as a resource for those families by connecting them to pediatricians in the area.  Without an established free-standing pediatric urgent care, these patients have little recourse, but to go to an ER or an adult urgent care for treatment, where they likely will not receive the kind of specialized, pediatric-oriented care that they deserve.

In addition to our urgent care services, we aim to provide pediatric-specific healthcare support in other areas as well – hence our name, MVP Pediatric AND Urgent Care.   These will include mental health services (individual, family, and group therapy), nutritional counseling, support groups, and educational classes (like CPR training and first aid).  We are working with “Be the Match” to perform cheek swabs for bone marrow donation and will be hosting blood donation drives as well.  Furthermore, we are recruiting pediatric subspecialists who will be able to hold their own clinics and see patients at our location.

As you can see, MVP Pediatric and Urgent Care aspires to be more than just a pediatric urgent care.  Our goal is to be a trusted community partner, advocate, and a provider of services that move beyond medical care alone.  Our motivation ultimately lies in establishing the kind of care, both medical and otherwise, that we would want our own family to receive, and we hope to serve as a trusted option that you and your patients can take advantage of as circumstances should warrant.


David Epstein, MD

Co-Founder of MVP Pediatric and Urgent Care