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Why Should You Buy Isotretinoin? The Best Drug for Acne Treatment

Buy isotretinoinBuy Isotretinoin Online – Isotretinoin is the medication from the retinoid class, which has the reputation of the most effective treatment for severe acne manifestations. Despite all the risks related to its intake, millions of teenagers and adults changed their skin quality and their life for the better due to this medication.

Until 2009, the drug was produced under the brand name Accutane. Now it is available as a generic. You can buy Isotretinoin only by prescription, yet the purchase in our online pharmacy gives you the opportunity of getting the medicine without a visit to the doctors. How is that possible? We provide our customers with the possibility to get a remote consultation with a medical specialist on our website and get an e-prescription. Another reason to buy Isotretinoin online is the affordability of the medicine in comparison with regular drugstores. We are a licensed online pharmacy, which means we sell only certified medications.

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What Is Isotretinoin? The Benefits of the Drug

Isotretinoin is a generic Accutane. It is usually prescribed to patients suffering from moderate-to-severe and severe forms of acne. The drug influences the amounts of skin oil produced by the sebaceous glands, reducing them. This helps to avoid skin oiliness and pores clogging, thus preventing the appearance of new nodules and acne. Also, the medication has an antimicrobial effect, which makes its action complex and allows using Isotretinoin alone without any adjunctive therapy.

Here are some of the drug benefits:

  • Isotretinoin has an 88.52% efficacy rate.
  • The drug allows getting into a complete and long remission.
  • It doesn’t leave scars or hyperpigmentation in the post-treatment period (the already-existing scarring can’t be cured with Isotretinoin).
  • This medication works in patients who failed to respond to the therapy with antibiotics and other drugs for acne treatment.

Advice on Isotretinoin Intake

To get the most of your treatment with Isotretinoin, you should closely follow your doctor’s advice. The dosage of the medication is chosen individually based on the severity of the skin condition and underlying medical conditions. The general recommendations for drug use are as follows:

  • Ingest the pill after a meal. A high-fat meal can double the effectiveness of the drug.
  • Don’t chew or crush the tablet. Take it whole.
  • Wash the tablet down with a full glass of water.
  • Be active for a minimum of 10 minutes after pill ingestion.
  • Don’t give up treatment if you don’t see any improvements within the first month. They usually come later.
  • Never change your dosing regimen without consulting a doctor.

Possible Side Effects

The main hazard of therapy with Isotretinoin is the side effects it may induce. The most common reactions are:

  • Dryness of the mucous membranes in the mouth, nose, and eyes;
  • Lip dryness;
  • Crusty skin;
  • Stomach upset;
  • Worsening of the hair quality.

Call your GP for advice if any of these occur. Go to the nearest clinic if you experience any severe reactions like mental health changes, muscle and joint pain, signs of infection, and so on.

Remember that Isotretinoin is only then safe when it is prescribed by a doctor.

Buy Isotretinoin Online