Broken Bones And Sprains

Broken Bones And Sprains Specialist

Parents and caregivers are well aware that active children often deal with broken bones and sprains. The pediatricians and pediatric nurses at MVP Pediatric & Urgent Care in Tarzana, Los Angeles are skilled in treating children with broken bones, sprains, and other sports injuries. Children are diagnosed and treated in record time because MVP has on-site digital X-RAY and official radiologist readings.

Broken Bones and Sprains Q & A

How do I know if my child has a broken bone or a sprain?

Broken bones and sprains are actually quite common in children. Did you know that broken bones are the fourth most common injury for children under the age of six?

A sprain is a tear or twisting of a ligament or muscle, while a broken bone is just that, a break or partial break to the bone. Sprains usually affect the ankles, wrists, or knees. Broken bones can take the form of different types of fractures.

If your child is hurting after a fall or sports injury, a pediatrician can determine if the injury is a broken bone or a sprain. The team at MVP Pediatric & Urgent Care has access to on-site X-rays to help with diagnosis if needed. They will also conduct a physical examination.

What should I do if my child has a broken bone or sprain?

Sometimes it can be hard to tell how serious an injury is, especially in young children. But if your child is expressing pain or is unable or unwilling to move the injured part of their body, he or she should be seen by a pediatric professional immediately. No appointment is necessary at MVP Pediatric & Urgent Care, so you can walk-in straight from the sports practice where the injury occurred, if necessary.

As you make your way to our facilities, try to keep the injured area from moving. You can use ice or an ice pack to treat the pain. Our pediatricians and pediatric nurses can diagnose and treat both broken bones and sprains on-site in the MVP Pediatric & Urgent Care facilities.

How are broken bones and sprains treated?

Once your pediatrician at MVP Pediatric & Urgent Care understands the extent of the damage, they begin treatment. For most broken bones, the pediatrician utilizes a splint so that the bone is unable to move and can heal on its own. If the fracture is more serious, the pediatrician will recommend appropriate next steps, such as surgery. The team at MVP will know who to refer you to for definitive casting or surgery, if needed.

Sprains usually need rest and ice to heal. If your child has a more serious sprain, your pediatrician may help get him or her on crutches, fitted with a splint, and recommend activity restrictions or adjustments as the injury heals.

In either case, your pediatrician can also help with pain medication for your child, if necessary.