Signs of Dehydration in children

Kids are often at risk of getting dehydrated. While mild dehydration is not a medical emergency and can be helped with fluid intake by mouth, more serious signs of dehydration may require a doctor visit or even hospitalization to require […]

Type 1 Diabetes in Kids

Diabetes comes in two types. Type 1 diabetes actually used to be known as juvenile diabetes because it occurs from childhood, while type II diabetes develops later on, often in adulthood. However, even type 1 can occur in adulthood. Type […]

Warts in children

Warts are a fairly common occurrence in children. They occur when a virus of the human papillomavirus (HPV) family enters the skin. They most commonly occur on areas of the body such as the hands, feet, fingers, toes, and around […]

Stop nettle rash from itching

Nettle rash, more commonly known as hives, is an itchy rash consisting of red, raised welts that occur over portions of the body. The name “nettle rash” derives from the hives which resemble the rash received from touching a plant […]

The importance of Well Child visits in person

These days, well child visits can be easy to overlook or delay, or to choose to do virtually. In many parents’ minds, they think, “Why should I potentially expose my child to the coronavirus or other pathogens for a well […]

Contact tracing: What is it and why is it important?

Contact tracing is essential to helping slow the spread of COVID-19. This blog explains how it works and what to do if you or someone you’ve come into close contact with is diagnosed.

Fever in children: When to see a doctor

Fever is a common bodily response to infection. With the coronavirus pandemic, fevers can be more worrying to parents than usual. In this blog, we explain different causes of fever and when to have your child seen by a doctor.

Common Fractures in Children

As painful and scary as they sound, bone fractures are very common in children. Read on to find out about the most common fractures in children.

How to Treat a Dog Bite

If your child has been bitten by a dog, you need to take care of the wound right away. Read the article to learn what you can do in case of a dog bite.

How to Treat and Prevent Nosebleed in Children

Nosebleeds are fairly common in children. They can be caused by weather conditions, allergies, inherited conditions, and even nose picking. Read on to find out what the most common causes of nosebleed are and how to treat and prevent them. […]

Fifth Disease in Kids

Among childhood illnesses, fifth disease tends to rank pretty high in the “most common” list. However, many don’t hear much about it until their own child is suspected of having it. Called “fifth disease” in 1905, because it was the […]

How to get your child to be more active

Children are naturally active creatures, but sometimes it can be difficult for parents to motivate them into doing physical activity. However, instilling healthy active habits on children from an early age is highly beneficial. Here we will show you why […]

Why it’s good for children to be bored

“I’m bored” is one of the most common phrases parents hear, and, for some reason, one of the most dreaded, too. It’s very common for parents to try to keep their children constantly occupied with different types of activities and, […]

Best exercise equipment for kids

It is undeniable that there has been a major shift in our way of living. Parents have been struggling to maintain a healthy balance between their work, the daily household chores, and their children’s daily activities. Keeping children entertained, motivated, […]

How to explain COVID-19 to your child

The world is a very different place right now, even from a child’s perspective. They can’t visit their friends, are learning from home, can’t go shopping with mommy and daddy, not going out to eat, and in most places, they […]

How To Improve Your Child’s Sleeping Habits

For many parents, sending their children to bed is a daily struggle. If kids had a fun-filled day, chances are they never want that day to end, so they put off bedtime as much as they can. The struggle continues […]

Different Types Of Coughs

A cough can mean many things when it comes to your child’s health. A lot of clues will lie in the type of cough, severity, and any other symptoms your child is experiencing. Read on for some common causes of […]

Should I Book A Telemedicine Appointment For My Child?

In these uncertain times, it can be nerve-wracking taking your child to the doctor. Despite medical offices taking extra cleaning and disinfection precautions, worries still cross our minds as we wonder who else in the waiting room is sick, or […]

How to Homeschool During Quarantine

We are currently experiencing an upheaval of our normal day-to-day life. Many of us are working from home, and our kids are all learning from home now too. This is something that’s unprecedented, and a lot of parents are looking […]

Common causes of mouth sores in kids

Your child complains of pain in their mouth. When you look inside, you see a mouth sore. What is it? And is it cause for concern? There are several types of mouth sores to look out for, and each has […]

COVID-19 Resiliency and Wellness Resources

Compiled by a Wellness Team at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles Per the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), reactions during difficult times can be variable and may include: Concern and fear over your health and your loved ones Changes […]

Why Does My Child Have A Headache?

When your child comes to you saying their head hurts, it’s normal to be concerned. After all, headaches seem like an adult problem, not something that kids face. But kids can and do get headaches, for varying reasons. Finding out […]

What to do if you child gets burned

It can happen in the blink of an eye. Your toddler is playing nicely in the kitchen while you’re making dinner; you turn around for what seemed like 2 seconds, and before you know it, they touch a hot pot […]

Urgent Care Vs Emergency Room Vs Doctor’s Office

When it comes to colds, infections, broken bones and more, where should you go for your child’s medical care? You know the basics…routine check-ups are done at your child’s pediatrician’s office, and with anything life threatening you take them to […]

Hydration Tips

Dehydration in children is not uncommon. It can range in its level of severity.  Dehydration can occur for many reasons including: when a child has diarrhea and/or vomiting, on very hot days, on cold days (because heaters dry out the […]

Growing Pains: What Are They?

Does your child have trouble falling asleep, or wake up in the middle of the night because of leg pain? He or she might have what is commonly referred to as “growing pains”. Despite the name, growing pains aren’t proven […]

When LA Kids Meet Snow!

We don’t exactly have white winters here in Los Angeles, so many people opt to spend their winter vacations in a cooler climate, to experience a bit of winter magic. Or, maybe you’re visiting relatives up north this holiday season. […]

West Nile Virus In Children

We hear the warnings and scary stories every summer and fall, but what is the West Nile virus, exactly? West Nile virus is a mosquito-borne illness. Once only found in the Eastern Hemisphere, it has now been reported in all […]

H1N1: “Swine Flu” In Children

H1N1…those 4 characters are enough to strike fear in any parent. H1N1 is a strain of influenza type A. You may remember it from the 2009 pandemic, where it spread amongst people who had had contact with pigs, thus the […]

Whooping Cough (Pertussis) In Children:

Whooping cough, also known as pertussis, is a respiratory tract infection that, most notably, results in a bad cough. The name comes from the “whooping” sound made as the person gasps for air in between coughs. It is highly contagious. […]

Meningitis In Kids

Meningitis is an inflammation of the membranes, or meninges, surrounding the brain and spinal cord. Meningitis sometimes starts off like the flu symptoms-wise, but is much more severe, and requires immediate medical attention. Meningitis most commonly is the result of […]

Sinus Infections In Children

Your child’s cold has been dragging on and on. And now he has green discharge from his nose, and is complaining of a headache. What’s going on? Well, your child may have a sinus infection, or sinusitis. Sinus infections in […]

Febrile (Fever) Seizures In Children

When a child has a seizure during a high fever, it’s called a febrile (fever) seizure. When a febrile seizure does happen, it most often occurs in babies and children ages 6 months to 5 years. As scary as the […]

What Is Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis

When you think about arthritis, you probably assume it’s an affliction of the elderly or the middle-aged at most. But what many don’t know is that kids can get the condition as well. When children (under the age of 16) […]

Epilepsy Awareness

Epilepsy is the most common childhood brain disorder. According to the CDC, as of 2015, 470,000 children in the U.S. have the disorder. It’s characterized by recurrent seizures. These seizures can be of many different types, and seizures vary widely […]

What Are Overuse Injuries In Kids?

When your child first feels pain while playing a sport, they may brush it off as normal (In fact, many adults do as well!). It’s not uncommon for a child to not know what’s normal fatigue or muscle soreness, as […]


Whenever you see any sort of rash or red bumps on your child, it’s common to worry about what may have caused it. Today we’re covering impetigo, a type of contagious skin infection. It’s usually not very serious, but treatment […]

What Is Roseola?

Roseola is a viral infection most common in infants and young toddlers, ages 6-24 months. It’s characterized by a sudden fever followed by a distinctive skin rash. Those two symptoms together often raise concern of families, but roseola is very […]

Wrist Injuries After Falls

Your child is running through the playground when suddenly they trip. As they fall to the ground, their arms shoot out in front of them to break their fall. Afterwards, they complain of pain in their wrists. Whenever your child […]

What Is A MRSA Infection?

  When your child gets any sort of bacterial infection be it pink eye, a urinary tract infection, or an ear infection, the go-to treatment is usually a course of antibiotics. These kill off the bacteria responsible for the illness. […]

What Is RSV?

When what starts off seeming like a regular cold turns into a bad cough and signs of respiratory distress, your infant may have RSV or respiratory syncytial virus.  It can cause severe respiratory distress and, in some cases, may result […]

Asthma In Children

Asthma is a fairly common medical condition in children. In fact, it affects approximately 6 million children in the U.S. alone. This chronic disease of the airways can be a distressing diagnosis for a child with repeated episodes of wheezing, […]

Bee Stings

Bees: they’re very important and needed, but they also pack quite the sting! Getting stung by a bee is quite the painful experience, especially for a child. During summer, with bees out in full force collecting nectar from flowers, there […]

Corneal Abrasion

When your child complains about a sharp pain in their eye, it’s common to worry that they may have scratched it. The medical term for this is a corneal abrasion. The cornea is the clear, protective outer layer of the […]

How To Treat Sunburn

It’s important to remember sunscreen when going outdoors, but accidents happen. You’re running outdoors with 3 kids in tow and you forget to throw the sunscreen into your beach bag. Or, you leave the house for what’s supposed to be […]

First Signs Of Cellulitis

We all know kids get cuts and scratches easily. It kind of comes with the territory as a kid. Most of the time, these minor injuries are just that, minor, and are not cause for alarm. However, there are some […]


Conjunctivitis, or pink eye, is an infection of the conjunctiva layer of the eye. It’s often a nuisance because, while it’s not particularly painful and rarely is serious, it means time out of school and is highly contagious and uncomfortable. […]

Hand-Foot-Mouth Disease

When your child comes home from preschool with a letter stating that a child in their class has been diagnosed as having hand, foot, and mouth disease, panic may set it.  If you’ve never heard of this illness before, the […]

Swimmer’s Ear

With long days at the pool and other types of water play during the summer months, swimmer’s ear is a common issue.  Swimmer’s ear, or otitis externa, is an infection of the ear canal. This is different from the typical […]

Insect Bites

It’s a familiar scene: it’s been a nice lazy Sunday hanging out in the yard, grilling hot dogs while the kids run around getting cooled off in the sprinklers. You come in just as it’s getting dark, only to notice […]

Acne On Little And Not-So-Little Ones

We all remember those days…14-year-old-you is getting ready for school when you notice a huge, red zit strategically located right on the top of your nose. They always seemed to pop up when it was most inconvenient, right? Or maybe […]

Tips For Emergency Planning With Your Children

As hard as it is to think about, it’s important to plan for emergency situations with your children. They need to know what to do in case a natural or manmade disaster happens, or what to do if the adult […]

Media And Children

  We live in an era of media and technology. For children born in this generation, computers, smartphones, and tablets have just been a fact of life. Toddlers know how to swipe around dad’s phone to get to the app […]

How Early Is Too Early To Introduce Your Child To Reading?

  With new products coming out making claims that your child will learn how to read before she even walks, the question must be asked: how early is too early to introduce your child to reading? Is your 9 month […]

My Child Fell Down…Now What?

It’s pretty much a fact of life: kids fall. From the tumbles taken by babies learning to walk, to teens falling while playing sports, falls happen. But, what about when your baby or child falls from high up, or hits […]

Are You Anxious About Your Child Being Anxious?

Every child experiences anxiety at some point in their life. A toddler who has lost their lovey feels anxious, a child starting their first day at a new school feels anxious, and a teen who has a big essay due […]

How To Prevent Children From Drowning Or Near-Drowning

With summer comes pool time, trips to the beach, visits to the lake, water parks, and more. In short, summer is the perfect time to get cooled down by a nice splash in the water. But along with the fun […]


Pneumonia, acquired in the community as opposed to other places like the hospital, is the most common cause of death in children worldwide.  Pneumonia, acquired in the community, is defined as an acute lower respiratory tract infection developing in a […]

Don’t Get Burned By the Sun

Summer is approaching, and the days can get extremely hot. As the season nears, it’s important to make sure that you’re prepared to protect your kids against the risks that come from both the summer sun and heat. While parents […]

Appendicitis in Children

When your child has severe stomach pain, you may suspect appendicitis. Appendicitis occurs most often between the ages of 5 and 45 with a mean age of 28, but it is rare in children under the age of 2. The […]

Helping Children Handle Stress

Children face stressors of all kinds as a natural part of everyday life. As children grow up and reach school age, these pressures become more prevalent. Kids can face stress from parents, teachers and peers. Everything from losing homework, making […]

Measles Cases

According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), there have been a total of 626 individual cases of measles confirmed in 22 states in the US.  The number of confirmed cases in 2019 is expected to surpass the highest level […]

Getting Your Child To Eat More Fruits And Vegetables

As much as we try to get our kids to eat healthy, the allure and availability of junk food makes it hard. From the picky toddler years where every other food item is “yucky” ,to the teen years where they […]

Technology In Kids Life

Technology is a big part of our lives and has been for quite some time now. For our parents, it was all about how much TV and video games to allow us. These days, there are new forms of technology, […]

Parenting: Embarrassing Moments

We’ve all been there. You’re at the doctor’s office, in the crowded but quiet waiting room, when your child loudly blurts out a not-so-nice word they’ve heard on TV (or from you!) Or, you’re at the supermarket when your child […]

Prepare Your Child for Seasonal Allergies

With the approach of spring, many people are looking forward to fresh spring breezes, trees getting their leaves again, and flowers blooming. But for those who suffer from allergies these things are dreaded more than welcomed! And when it’s your […]

Benefits of Pets For Your Child

“Mom, can we get a dog please??????” Your child begs for the fifth time this month. You may think of a pet as all fun and games for your child but an extra chore for you. However, asking for a […]

Signs Your Child Has Food Allergies

Researchers estimate that 5.6 million children in America have food allergies. That’s about 1 in every 13 kids. And of those children, 40% are allergic to more than one food. If you suspect your child may have food allergies, or […]

Teething: How to Soothe Pain Without Medications

Most babies get their first teeth somewhere between 4-7 months, although the first tooth may come a little earlier or much later. When teeth start coming in, they often cause a lot of pain. You’ll find that your baby is […]

Teaching Kids About Choosing Friends

  Kids’ friendships: we don’t often think about it until it becomes a big issue, say if your child is having trouble making friends, or is in a troublesome friendship. It’s important to teach kids along the way about the […]

Cough and Cold Medications in Young Children Webinar

Cough and Cold Medications in Young Children Research has shown that over-the-counter cough and cold medications offer little benefit to young children.  But, they can have potentially serious side effects.  There are often more than one ingredient in the products, […]

Antibiotic Usage Webinar

  Antibiotic Usage Antibiotics are commonly used to treat bacterial infections.  However, they have no effect against viral infections. If your child is diagnosed with a viral infection by your pediatrician or local pediatric urgent care, do not expect a […]

Fire Safety Tips for Families

We don’t want to think about emergency situations happening to our children and family, but the reality is that it’s important to not only think about them, but also to plan ahead for their eventuality. One such emergency situation is […]

Earthquake Safety Tips for Families

It is estimated that there are 500,000 detectable earthquakes in the world each year. Of these, only about 100 a year cause damage, but the fact remains that earthquakes are not uncommon, and it’s wise to prepare for one. Most […]

It’s Cold and Flu Season!

You pick your child up from daycare and his teacher tells you he’s been clingy and crying over  little things all day. By dinner time, he’s getting the sniffles, doesn’t want to eat (even though you made his favorite!), and […]

The Stomach Flu in Kids

One minute your child is complaining of a stomach ache, and the next minute you find yourself running to get something under him or her to catch vomit! Gastroenteritis, or the “stomach flu” as it is sometimes called, is a […]

What Should You Do If Your Child Has An Open Wound?

You are at the playground with your child. She is running around and having fun. Suddenly, you hear crying and see that she has cut her arm on a sharp edge of the playground equipment. Your child has an open […]

School Break: Sleep Schedule for Kids

Winter vacation is quickly approaching! It’s a great chance to spend lots of time together as a family…maybe even travel somewhere. But what about the inevitable breakdown of your kids’ school bedtime schedule that always comes along with school breaks? […]

How Do I Get My Teenager to “Let go”, “Look up” & Not “Like”

I watched with nostalgia as a group of teenage girls passed me by while I was drinking my delicious latte at a table in the food court the other day. It was like watching myself as a young girl with […]

What should you do if your child has a sore throat?

“Mommy, it hurts to swallow”, your child says as she looks up at you with a sad face and holds her throat. Sore throats have many possible root causes. It can sometimes be hard to decide when your child’s sore […]

It’s Halloween! Avoid a Food Allergy

Reading before Eating Always read the ingredient label on any treat your child receives. Many popular Halloween candies contain some of the most common allergens, such as peanuts or tree nuts, milk, egg, soy or wheat. If the ingredients are […]

Ear Care For Children And Why It’s Important

Our ears are an essential part of our body, and without them, there’s so much we wouldn’t be able to experience. This is why it’s so important to take care of your child’s ears to help prevent damage. Here’s some […]

Why Choose MVP Pediatric & Urgent Care?

In Los Angeles and Los Angeles County, there are plenty of adult urgent cares. But when your child faces a serious health injury, you may find that there are not enough similar locations for children when things are simply urgent. […]

Wildfire Impact on Children and How to Treat/Prevent Breathing Issues

With the wildfires in California recently, there has been extremely poor air quality for everyone.  But, what is the impact on children? Children are especially vulnerable to environmental hazards. They eat more food, drink more liquids, and breathe more air […]

Back-to-School Health And Safety Tips

Back-to-school season is in full swing. Amid the rush to buy school supplies, pick out new school clothes, and get the kids back on a decent schedule, it’s important to keep in mind your child’s health and safety. Whether your […]

Is It Too Late to Get a Flu Shot?

Your work email is exploding with deadlines.  The kids need help with math homework again.  Don’t even ask what’s for dinner tonight.  Your list of To Do’s is so long it wouldn’t fit on a whole roll of toilet paper […]

How Much Water Should My Kids Drink?

Parents often worry about their children’s water intake: are they getting enough liquids? The thought of having your child hospitalized for dehydration is something all parents dread. But, do healthy kids need their water intake to be monitored? In most […]

Healthy eating

Healthy eating is one of the most important ways that you can keep your child healthy. Childhood obesity is a widespread epidemic in the United States and fast food companies are often targeting children in their advertising. You can offset […]

Conjunctivitis – Pediatric and Urgent Care near Calabasas, Los Angeles, CA

Conjunctivitis, or pink eye, is an infection of the conjunctiva layer of the eye. It’s often a nuisance because, while it’s not particularly painful and rarely is serious, it means time out of school and is highly contagious and uncomfortable. […]

Sinus Infections In Children – Pediatric and Urgent Care near Sherman Oaks, Los Angeles, CA

Sinus infections in children often look different than they do in adults. Pediatric and Urgent Care near Sherman Oaks, Los Angeles, CA.

What to do if your child gets burned – Pediatric and Urgent Care near Woodland Hills, Los Angeles, CA

It’s important to know what to do in the event of a major burn. Pediatric Urgent Care Woodland Hills, Los Angeles, CA.

Swimmer’s Ear – Pediatric and Urgent Care in Calabasas, Los Angeles, CA

With long days at the pool and other types of water play during the summer months, swimmer’s ear is a common issue. Swimmer’s ear, or otitis externa, is an infection of the ear canal. This is different from the typical […]

Pertussis In Children – Pediatric Urgent Care near Woodland Hills, Los Angeles, CA

Whooping cough, also known as pertussis, is a respiratory tract infection that, most notably, results in a bad cough. Pediatric Urgent Care near Woodland Hills, Los Angeles, CA.

Fever In Children – Pediatric and Urgent Care near Sherman Oaks, Los Angeles, CA

When a child has a seizure with a high fever, it’s called a febrile (fever) seizure. When a febrile seizure does happen, it most often occurs in babies and children ages 6 months to 5 years. As scary as the […]

Child with an Open Wound – Pediatric and Urgent Care in Encino, CA

Scrapes and cuts are an almost-unavoidable aspect of childhood. Pediatric and Urgent Care in Encino, CA.